chad e lieberman

computational mathematician and educational innovator

about me

My passions include research in computational mathematics and engineering, developing new software technologies for education, learning new things, challenging myself, cooking fancy meals for loved ones, and playing chess. I earned a Doctor of Philosophy, Masters of Science, and two Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT in aerospace engineering, computation for design and optimization, and aerospace engineering and mathematics, respectively. I have conducted novel research in computational science and engineering, developed several new educational systems, had rewarding teaching experiences, and worked in both national lab and industry research settings. For more detailed information, please see my curriculum vitae.



My research is primarily focused in computational science and engineering. I work on new algorithms that allow scientists to understand the world around them and engineers to develop new technologies for the future. I have developed novel contributions to the fields of statistical inference and model reduction, and I have extensive experience in computational fluid dynamics, PDE-constrained optimization, and numerical linear algebra.



The digital revolution has taken the education world by storm. I have contributed to the progress as an instructor for 16.100x Introduction to Aerodynamics, the first course on edX offered by MIT's Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics. As a graduate teaching assistant for 16.90 Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering, I developed an online course management system that included embedded exercises and short video tutorials. As a co-founder of MIT's Crosslinks and creator of MIT's On-Campus Educational System (MIToces), I continue to pursue new software technologies to help students contextualize learning.



I am now offering research and development services as an independent contractor to universities, national labs, and businesses in both the computational science and engineering as well as digital education realms. Interested parties are requested to contact me by e-mail at



Coming soon! There you will find new developments in my research, musings about education, original mini video lectures, and commentary on interesting articles from the world of computational science and engineering.



I have had the pleasure of working with the following companies, universities, and institutions.

MIT Schlumberger Sandia National Laboratories Mide Technology Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering edX